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To Become The Leading Company In The Finance And Tourism Industry Indonesia.


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Running the Business with Integrity.

Providing Good Products and Excellent Services.

Creating Stable Growth.


Founded in 2009, Esta Corporations is a company in the financing and tourism industry that aims to create and increase the growth of entrepreneurial spirit of the Indonesian people and develop property to support the needs of tourism and business throughout Indonesia. Esta Corporations has established a number of subsidiary companies in order to maximize the achievement of these objectives. Through PT. Esta Dana Ventura, the entrepreneurial spirit of the community is expected to be able to grow by providing business capital loans as well as assistance to women as micro businesses and capital loans for SMEs. While through PT. Esta Prima Investama is expected to be able to develop properties such as shop houses that can support business owners and hospitality businesses that are able to support tourism in various regions Currently Esta Corporations continues to strive to develop it wings by penetrating into the field of technology through PT. Esta Kapital Fintek as an information technology based peer to peer lending that brings together fund owners in big cities with underprivileged women who are in the regions, as well as PT. Esta Digital Niaga as an online payment company and opening a kiosk through an application that can provide opportunities for the community to become entrepreneurs. Thus Esta Corporation is a company that has a sustainable business in it, so that efforts to provide products and services of the highest quality will continue to be made in order to create stable growth in every aspect of the company's business.


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